Le Zebre is an encounter between fashion an art, born from a confluence of passions, experiences, and a variety of styles—fashion intended as clothing and accessories, art as the creativity and strong sensitivity that defines our style. The primary characteristics of our creations are, in fact, the painting and hand decoration of the fabrics which give life to many of our dresses, tops, belts, shawls, purses, shoes and many other things. In many of our articles, these elements are also joined by an imaginative patchwork of diverse materials. We apply our decorative techniques, from dying to printing, from airbrushing to batik, to all kinds of cloth—entirely by hand. After a brief period of creating clothing based on the restyling and recycling of cloth and materials, we launched our first fall-winter collection in 2007. This collection was small but made of elaborate pieces expressing our style in a romantic and decisive way—a style that represents its own essence, its own freedom far from the confines of tradition. Then in 2008, after successfully collaborating with various different stores, we opened our own boutique/laboratory of clothing and artisanal accessories, the world of “Le Zebre” on Via Romana in Florence. Here we design, create, and sell our unique products.

Our collections are made up of articles in knitted fabrics that we dye and decorate ourselves, articles in selected woven fabrics (pants, skirts, dresses..etc) with classic and elegant lines or asymmetric and dynamic lines, and a series of accessories such us whimsically painted belts (in both high and low waist designs) or soft pashminas and scarves completely hand decorated. Our line is characterized by a certain style: ROMANTIC enhanced by subtle gradations of color and the softness of our wool, cotton, linen, etc;

TIMELESS for the combination of forms that recall both the past and different cultures with cuts and fantasies that are purely modern;

UNIQUE for a variety of floral decorations and not, carried out by us with decorative techniques manuals, ancient and modern—elements that we unite to create something original and eye-catching every time.

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